Single Page Website

From $499

Single page websites are perfect for businesses that require a simple online presence to attract new customers. This style of website is particularly effective for tradesmen who’s customers want to know a little bit of information about their services before making a phone enquiry. is an example of a single page website we built for a air conditioning business.

Multiple Page Website

From $999

Multiple page websites are suitable for a wide variety of businesses and organisations. If your business provides a wide range of services or you would like share news regularly in the form of a blog you will probably require a multiple page website. is an example of a multiple page website we built for an engineering company..

E-Commerce Website

From $1999

E-Commerce websites are websites that sell products. If you have products that you would like to sell online you require an E-Commerce website. A good E-commerce website can be very profitable for you business as it allows you to sell your products to customers all over the world. is an example of an e-commerce website we built for a vape company.



From $199

Web hosting is an ongoing fee that every website has to pay to be on the internet. You can think about web hosting as renting space. Just like in real life when a business rents a shop space to sell their products, websites also need to rent space on the internet. When choosing a web host the main things to consider are speed, reliability and security. Our web hosting package puts your website on a lightning fast server and includes regular backups and security checks.